Antarctic Record (Jul 1992)

Activities of the wintering party at Syowa Station by the 32nd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1991

  • Yoshiyuki Fujii

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 36, no. 3
pp. 441 – 472


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The wintering party of the 32nd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition performed its activities at two wintering sites from 1991 to 1992,consisting of 31 members at Syowa Station (69°00′S, 39°35′E) (leader : Yoshiyuki FUJII) and 8 members at Asuka Station (71°31.5′S, 24°8′E) (leader : Kazuo MAKITA). Wintering activities at Asuka Station will be reported separately. The main scientific research programs at Syowa Station were as follows; 1) Studies on ocean-atmosphere interaction in the sea ice area as part of the Antarctic Climate Research Program (ACR), 2) Environmental science studies, 3) Polar patrol baloon experiment and 4) Life science studies. Various airborne observations and inland glaciological traverses were carried out.