Images of emperors Julio-Claudian dynasty for gold, silver and copper coinage of Chersonesus

Материалы по археологии и истории античного и средневекового Крыма. 2010;(2):76-120


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Journal Title: Materialy po Arheologii i Istorii Antičnogo i Srednevekovogo Kryma

ISSN: 2219-8857 (Online)

Publisher: NvSU

LCC Subject Category: Auxiliary sciences of history: Archaeology

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Mikhail Choref


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One of the most interesting problems of antique numismatics is the provincial attribution images on coins of the Roman domination. These are the busts of the rulers of the empire, the governors, as well as figures of deities and their attributes. In this vein it is considered a fairly controversial issue of the attribution of the images on the coins of Chersonesus coinage. As suggested, they then placed the image of the Roman emperors and their families. The thesis is illustrated by coins of Julio-Claudian dynasty.