The Tophas and the Soyots: historical and ethnographic essay

Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy. 2016;0(2)


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Journal Title: Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy

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Publisher: Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Communities. Classes. Races

Country of publisher: Russian Federation

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Marina V. Mongush (Российский научно-исследовательский институт культурного и природного наследия им. Д. С. Лихачева)


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Article is devoted to small ethnic groups of the Tophas and the Soyots, who were parts of the Tuvan ethnos in the past, but later have broken away and became two independent ethnic units as a result. Their ethnic history, language, culture and a problem of identity are investigated.