Green Chemical Engineering (Mar 2023)

Engineering 3D-printed aqueous colloidal ceramic slurry for direct ink writing

  • Jie Zhu,
  • Jiangtao Yu,
  • Yingcheng Wu,
  • Yanhong Chao,
  • Peiwen Wu,
  • Linjie Lu,
  • Linlin Chen,
  • Jing He,
  • Wenshuai Zhu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 1
pp. 73 – 80


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The construction of rapid prototyping for structured ceramics has a promoting effect on potential applications. In this work, engineering slurry with different formulations were used to develop aqueous colloidal ceramic slurry for direct ink writing (DIW). Optimized slurry of Formulation 5 possessed good printing effect for DIW with stable mechanical properties. Related characteristics, including shrinkage, compressive strength, rheological behavior, and chemical property, were also examined. DIW ceramics prepared from optimized slurry can be preliminarily applied to adsorption of Rhodamine B and chlortetracycline, and possessed the advantages of easy separation and operation compared with powder adsorbents. This work provides a strategy for the design of 3D-printed kaolin ceramic slurry, and also extends to potential application in adsorption.