Nordisk Barnehageforskning (2010-02-01)

En målsättning för de Andra: Förskolepedagogers tal om barn och föräldrar under planering och utvärdering på en förskola med en kulturellt blandad barngrupp

  • Johannes Lunneblad

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 3


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Abstract: This article displays how a multicultural way of working in early childhood education is articulated<br />during planning and evaluation. The results shows that it is articulated as an objective or goal for the Other. The<br />objectives for a multicultural way of working fall outside of the regular activities. In these discussions, the immigrant<br />parents are articulated in ambivalent positions, linked to a specific interests and responsibilities. At the<br />same time as the pedagogues are making clear that parents must not feel that this is a demand or a coercion. It is<br />possible to draw parallels with how integration policies are realized in practice, where multiculturalism has become<br />associated with non-integrated pupils and their parents, and where the responsibility for lack of integration<br />is often placed within these groups.<br />Keywords: Preschool, multicultural education, position, policy ethnography