Une scène en Bohême : mobilités et performances artistiques dans la ville d’eau de Teplitz au tournant des xviiie et xixe siècles

Diasporas: Circulations, Migrations, Histoire. 2015;26:133-151 DOI 10.4000/diasporas.414


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Journal Title: Diasporas: Circulations, Migrations, Histoire

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Matthieu Magne


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Both princes of Clary-Aldringen’s lordship and a famous spa city of North Bohemia, Teplitz Estates are more and more visited from the 1790s. The princely theatre of the castle, built in 1751 for the family opened for the professional companies hired to play in German for a mobile and various public, in accordance with the continuation of francophone society theatre closely given for a chosen public both actor and spectator. Several archives collections allow to analyze the way that musical and theatrical spectacles take place in Teplitz, where the wordly and waters attractivity go with the renewal of aristocratic patronage at the beginning of the 19th century.