Comicalités (2019-12-01)

La première lecture de livre : de la manipulation matérielle de la page comme expérience unique

  • Côme Martin


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While the reception of comics today is more and more oriented to their conversation after reading, some productions offer a unique or difficult to reproduce experience to their readers. They share a foregrounding of their physicality which, because it goes against reading habits and conventions, cannot be apprehended in the same way again after a first reading. Thus the reader of Ruppert and Mulot’s Un cadeau must cut out its pages to move forward in their reading; the reader of Étienne Lécroart’s Pervenche & Victor is invited to fold some of its pages; the reader of Olivier Crepin’s Astreinte should unstitch, then sew its pages back together. There are many examples and they all say the same thing: their first reading comes with gestures which make another identical discovery truly impossible, even by another reader.