Data in Brief (Feb 2022)

Geochemical dataset of high-pressure acid migmatites from the Cabo Ortegal Complex (NW Spain)

  • Aratz Beranoaguirre,
  • Sonia Garcia de Madinabeitia,
  • Maria Eugenia Sanchez-Lorda,
  • Pablo Puelles,
  • Benito Abalos,
  • Jose Ignacio Gil-Ibarguchi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 40
p. 107823


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This brief note presents geochemical data from rock samples from the Cabo Ortegal Complex (NW Spain). The samples belong to acid lithologies within the mainly basic to intermediate granulite unit that have been poorly investigated so far. For this communication, five samples of the migmatites and an amphibolitic enclave within them have been analysed. The whole-rock major and trace-element analyses were accomplished by means of Q-ICPMS. The dataset provides new and useful information relevant to the origin of the acid migmatites and can be used in addition to information from neighbouring lithologies to enhance understanding of the geological evolution of the Western Variscan Belt.