Journal of Systems Integration (Oct 2012)

Project management: a case of fixed price IS/IT projects. Analysis of projects by project scopes

  • Miroslav Kral,
  • Stanislava Mildeova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 4
pp. 29 – 39


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The paper provides an overview of major issues of IS / IT projects. Attention will be focused on projects that are implemented under a contract for a specified amount of work and fixed price. The main purpose of the paper is to analyse the project parameters in terms of the types of projects, and to confirm, or refuse, a hypothesis related to this. There is some evidence from the portfolio of projects that have been implemented by the international companies providing IT services. Regarding the localisation, CEE region was selected for our research. The outputs of the paper should be a contribution to managing IS/IT projects in IT service delivery organizations and for the support of innovative thinking about project management generally.