Climate of the Past (Jun 2021)

A revised mid-Pliocene composite section centered on the M2 glacial event for ODP Site 846

  • T. D. Herbert,
  • R. Caballero-Gill,
  • R. Caballero-Gill,
  • J. B. Novak,
  • J. B. Novak

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17
pp. 1385 – 1394


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The composite section from ODP Site 846 has provided key data sets for Pliocene stable isotope and paleoclimatic time series. We document here apparent outliers in previously published data sets for stable isotopes and alkenone-derived sea surface temperature (SST) estimates in the Pliocene interval containing the M2 glaciation (ca. 3.290–3.3 Ma) by tying high-resolution core measurements to a continuous downhole conductivity log. We generate a revised sequence of new stable isotopic and alkenone measurements across the M2 event that correlate well to the revised splices of color reflectance and gamma ray attenuation porosity evaluator data from Site 846, and to a new composite section produced at equatorial Pacific ODP Site 850. A new composite splice for Site 846 is proposed, along with composite isotope and alkenone time series that should be integrated into revised Pliocene paleoclimatic stacks.