Ikastorratza.e-Revista de Didáctica (Jun 2019)

Aproximación al modelo de cueva en la sociedad actual: una revisión de las investigaciones (1998-2018)

  • Ainara Achurra

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22
pp. 61 – 75


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This article is a revision of the literature (1998-2018) concerning the cave model in current society. Caves are the human entry to the subterranean medium and aquifers in karstic areas supply with water about the 20-25% of world’s population. Literature shows that investigations related to the cave model in current society are at a preliminary stage. That is, practically there are no studies that investigate the cave model as a whole; however, we found some research work, mostly about alternative conceptions, that analyzes separately several subterranean elements. Among them, hydrogeological elements and quiroptera are predominant. Based on those alternative conceptions, we conclude that we may well be facing a lack of scientific literacy in current society concerning the subterranean medium.