Sensors (Jun 2012)

License Plate Recognition Algorithm for Passenger Cars in Chinese Residential Areas

  • Qingning Niu,
  • Haijing Hou,
  • Yuqin Sun,
  • Huacai Xian,
  • Jing Bie,
  • Lisheng Jin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 6
pp. 8355 – 8370


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This paper presents a solution for the license plate recognition problem in residential community administrations in China. License plate images are pre-processed through gradation, middle value filters and edge detection. In the license plate localization module the number of edge points, the length of license plate area and the number of each line of edge points are used for localization. In the recognition module, the paper applies a statistical character method combined with a structure character method to obtain the characters. In addition, more models and template library for the characters which have less difference between each other are built. A character classifier is designed and a fuzzy recognition method is proposed based on the fuzzy decision-making method. Experiments show that the recognition accuracy rate is up to 92%.