International Journal of Research In Business and Social Science (2019-08-01)

Effect of developmental efficacy on leadership development

  • Emmanuel Mango,
  • Jeremiah Koshal,
  • Caren Ouma

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 5
pp. 70 – 75


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The study investigates the effect of developmental efficacy (one of the elements of leader developmental readiness) on leadership development. The study was conducted among MBA students within private universities in Kenya. Data was collected through a validated instrument and correlation, one-way ANOVA, and regression analyses were performed. The results revealed that developmental efficacy significantly affects leadership development, F(1,286) = 79.803, p < 001, also developmental potency accounts for 21.8 percent of the variations in leadership development. The study implies that leadership developers ought to help leadership learners to gain higher developmental efficacy before or during the developmental program, for them to benefit fully from the leadership developmental interventions.