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Modeling of sand-gravel bed evolution in one-dimension

Компьютерные исследования и моделирование. 2015;7(2):315-328 DOI 10.20537/2076-7633-2015-7-2-315-328


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Journal Title: Компьютерные исследования и моделирование

ISSN: 2076-7633 (Print); 2077-6853 (Online)

Publisher: Institute of Computer Science

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Technology (General): Industrial engineering. Management engineering: Applied mathematics. Quantitative methods | Science: Mathematics

Country of publisher: Russian Federation

Language of fulltext: Russian

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Igor’ Ivanovich Potapov

Kseniya Sergeevna Snigur


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Time From Submission to Publication: 15 weeks


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In the paper the model for a one-dimensional non-equilibrium riverbed process is proposed. The model takes into account the suspended and bed-load sediment transport. The bed-load transport is determined by using the original formula. This formula was derived from the thin bottom layer motion equation. The formula doesnt contain new phenomenological parameters and takes into account the influence of bed slope, granulometric and physical mechanical parameters on the bed-load transport. A number of the model test problems are solved for the verification of the proposed mathematical model. The comparison of the calculation results with the established experimental data and the results of other authors is made. It was shown, that the obtained results have a good agreement with the experimental data in spite of the relative simplicity of the proposed mathematical model.