Развитие образования (Aug 2020)

Experience in the Use of Scripting Languages in Distance Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Pavel V. Budanov,
  • Natavan Z. Musaeva,
  • Anatoliy V. Budanov

Journal volume & issue
no. 3 (9)
pp. 30 – 35


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The article is devoted to the consideration of scripting languages (scripts) used in distance learning. The aim of the research is to assess the satisfaction of distance learning (DL) participants and identify the advantages and disadvantages of the main platforms using scripting languages. Research methods. In the article, based on 3 years of experience in using tools for DL, the positive and negative aspects of the use of various scripting languages (scripts) for organizing distance learning and teleconferences are reviewed. The sample size is represented by a three-year period, during which 5,712 teleconferences were held. The questionnaire responses of 2500 participants were analyzed. The sections of the assessment dealt with the satisfaction of the DL participants and the functionality of the script tools. Results. The majority of participants were satisfied with the use of BigBlue Point, Jitsi, Zoom systems. The interviewees indicated the need for registration (49%) and the mandatory download of the application (42%) as the main shortcomings. It is concluded that absolutely reliable criteria for choosing a platform, which is associated with a large number of specific factors and tasks, have not been identified. It is emphasized that creation of domestic products seems to be a promising area of activity for developers.