Santiago (Nov 2015)

Connected up to Sound. Approach to the Musical Consumption of Young People´s Daily Life in Santiago de Cuba

  • MSc. Ligia Lavielle-Pullés

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 138
pp. 1026 – 1055


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Among the different cultural consumptions of young people, the musical consumption is one of the most trascendent. This is the topic of the following paper, which main proposal lies on the constant presence of musical sounds in youth daily life. Leisure, relaxation, sensation of company and moods are transmitted by music. Besides, other cultural productions, artistic or not, such as, audiovisual materials are blended with musical products and take high places on people’s preferences. This research i based on the theoretical frameworks of consumption and youth. The narrow communion of quantitative and qualitative methodologies has allowed to articulate it and get an interpretative criteria about the musical consumption process, in which it has been important the consideration of the sound singularity and its influence in the media. Keywords: musical consumption, youth, musical preferences.