Comparative Theology (Dec 2011)

Infertility Treatments and Determination of Fetus Gender don’t Challenge God’s Justice and Wisdom

  • Mohammad Abbaszadeh Jahromi,
  • Lotfollah Dezhkam

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 6
pp. 51 – 60


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Application of modern technology to cure barrenness has arisen challenges in various aspects some of which are ethical, legal and ideological. One of the ideological challenges, inserted in the above topic, has been discussed through this essay. The cause-effect system ruling the universe, helps a lot to determine God’s the Almighty Justice and Wisdom in creation. Therefore, the creation of the barren person, in the framework of that system, doesn’t conflict with His Justice and Wisdom. Of course, based on the penal justice, God will compensate these deficiencies by either giving rewards or mitigating the punishment. So, unveiling the creation mysteries-and the infertility of some diseases or the ability to do some affairs such as the selection of fetus gender doesn’t derange the best Divine system ruling the universe. Besides, these Facts prove the existence of such a system because if the relations weren’t established in the system, how could we access to these facts. By understanding the best system and the accurate determining of the ordination ruling it, we conclude that fetus gender selection and modern infertility treatments can’t be judged as the interference in God’s creation and the conflict with God’s Justice rather the stability of the best system is proved through the occurance of such affairs.