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The Universe and Life

Filosofiâ i Kosmologiâ. 2016;16(1):94-110


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Journal Title: Filosofiâ i Kosmologiâ

ISSN: 2307-3705 (Print); 2518-1866 (Online)

Publisher: International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology

Society/Institution: International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology

LCC Subject Category: Philosophy. Psychology. Religion: Philosophy (General)

Country of publisher: Ukraine

Language of fulltext: Russian, English, Ukrainian

Full-text formats available: PDF



Eduard Kazantsev (International university in Moscow)


Double blind peer review

Editorial Board

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Time From Submission to Publication: 8 weeks


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This article discusses some of the unsolved problems of modern cosmology, which lead to the need to consider the role of living matter in the evolution of the universe. The author proposes the hy- pothesis of the emergence, in the process of evolution of the universe, “biological vacuum” (physical antipode), which has a purpose of improving physical matter until the appearance of living matter. Substantiates the idea that the “biological vacuum” in the “live” dark matter with the participation of a living organism as an intermediary. The model of a stationary universe, as the local group of galaxies, placed in a halo of “live” dark matter. At the end of the article the author predicts the final evolution of the physical universe (after the collapse of the physical fields and particles) as the begin- ning of a new stage of evolution of the “live” dark matter.