Sensors (May 2022)

C-ITS Relevant Critical Vehicle-to-Vehicle Accident Scenarios for Accident Analysis

  • Maximilian Bauder,
  • Klaus Böhm,
  • Tibor Kubjatko,
  • Lothar Wech,
  • Hans-Georg Schweiger

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22, no. 3562
p. 3562


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The relevance of scientific investigations, whether simulative or empirical, is strongly related to the environment used and the scenarios associated with it. Within the field of cooperative intelligent transport systems, use-cases are defined to describe the benefits of applications. This has already been conducted in the available safety-relevant Day 1 applications longitudinal and intersection collision risk warning through the respective technical specifications. However, the relevance of traffic scenarios is always a function of accident severity and frequency of a retrospective consideration of accident databases. In this study, vehicle-to-vehicle scenarios with high frequency and/or severe personal injuries are therefore determined with the help of the CISS database and linked to the use-cases of the safety-relevant Day 1 applications. The relevance of the scenarios thus results on the one hand from the classical parameters of retrospective accident analysis and on the other hand from the coverage by the named vehicle-to-x applications. As a result, accident scenarios with oncoming vehicles are the most relevant scenarios for investigations with cooperative intelligent transport systems. In addition, high coverage of the most critical scenarios within the use-cases of longitudinal and intersection collision risk warning is already apparent.