Scientific Electronic Archives (2021-01-01)

Adventitious rooting induction of mulberry (Morus sp.) cuttings by sound frequencies and spermidine at different times

  • L. C. Dias,
  • A. M. Silva Junior,
  • A. C. A. S. Pires

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 2
pp. 30 – 34


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The use of sound frequencies has been reported to influence physiological and morphogenic responses in plants. Thus, the present work sought to study the effect of different sound frequencies on the adventitious rooting of mulberry cuttings (Morus sp.). Two experiments were carried out, the first consists treatment of cuttings by sound frequencies of 300 Hz, 1000 Hz or 0 Hz in two seasons - spring and autumn. For the second experiment, the frequency of 1000 Hz was used combined with inoculation of spermidine. After 60 days of inoculation, the parameters of the number and length of roots were evaluated, as well as the buds development in the aerial part. The treatment of cuttings collected during the autumm with a sound frequency of 1000 Hz results in an increase in the number of roots in relation to the control. In the cuttings collected during the spring there was no increase, either in the exposure with frequency of 1000 Hz, or in the treatment with spermidine, alone or in combination with frequency. The treatment of cuttings with sound frequencies of 1000 Hz demonstrates the potential for an increase in the adventitious rooting response.