Annales Geophysicae (Jan 1997)

The LION instrument on SOHO and its scientific objectives

  • S. M. P. McKenna-Lawlor,
  • S. M. P. McKenna-Lawlor,
  • I. Elendt,
  • P. Rusznyak,
  • H. Kunow,
  • R. Müller-Mellin,
  • M. Witte

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15
pp. 1 – 4


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A technical description is presented of the low-energy ion and electron (LION) instrument on the SOHO spacecraft and its scientific goals are discussed. LION forms part of the comprehensive suprathermal and energetic particle analyzer (COSTEP), which is, in turn, a subset of the COSTEP/ERNE particle analyser collaboration (CEPAC).