Sensors (2017-07-01)

Candle Soot Coating for Latent Fingermark Enhancement on Various Surfaces

  • Qianhui Wei,
  • Yu Zhu,
  • Shouliang Liu,
  • Yongjie Gao,
  • Xiaolong Li,
  • Mi Shi,
  • Xueji Zhang,
  • Meiqin Zhang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17, no. 7
p. 1612


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We demonstrate a facile method termed candle soot coating (CSC) for fast developing latent fingermarks (LFMs) on various kinds of surfaces (glass, ceramic, metal, paper and adhesive tape). The CSC method can be considered as simple, fast, and low-cost as well as providing high contrast for LFM visualization in potential forensic applications.