RUDN Journal of Language Studies, Semiotics and Semantics (2019-12-01)

Zones and Taxis: Locative Semantics of Russian Cases in Terms of Modern Systems Linguistics

  • Alexey F. Dremov

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 4
pp. 789 – 809


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This paper presents the results of the analysis of locative case semantics from the standpoint of modern system linguistics, in which case is interpreted as a formal grammatical category of a name that arose in Russian as a typical representative of inflecting languages in response to a functional query of the language system to provide compression and a formal content expression (predicative, logical) connectivity of the antiderivative text necessary for an exhaustive description of the event. Zones (or spheres) of an object are objectively existing structural elements of a person and a thing, the presence of which is especially pronounced when these persons or things become participants in an event, which in system linguistics is understood as a combination of genetically related phenomena that form a causal cycle. In a simple sentence, the main means of expressing taxis, interpreted as a chronology of the phenomena of subjects and objects participating in an event, are cases.