Bìznes Inform (Jan 2018)

The Model of Manager in the New Economy

  • Doronin Andrii V. ,
  • Doronin Stepan A.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 480
pp. 312 – 318


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The article generalizes the preconditions of building a manager model for the new economy. The necessity of filling such model with personal characteristics, allowing to combine unique qualities of the employee of management system with the creative potential of collective, is determined. The hypothesis is formulated, implying that the combined working force of the collective created on this basis is capable to effectively implement the functions provided by the job instruction, and to find solutions of the unexpected crisis problems during the work. Possibilities of materializing the ideas of development of personal potential of the manager on the interdisciplinary basis were analyzed. A list of personal factors of formation and development of professional mobility of manager has been presented. As a synthesis criterion for the implementation of the labor personal potential of manager, it has been proposed to use the assessment of quality of working life.