Izzivi Prihodnosti (Aug 2017)

Decay of Human Rights in 21st Century

  • Diana Ludrovcová,
  • Uroš Pinterič

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 3
pp. 162 – 177


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Purpose and Originality: The article is aimed to assess the development and current state of the human rights. Modern reality requires redefinition of human rights, due to the events, which are re-establishing realist approach to global politics. Method: Method is combination of focused synthesis and inverse deduction. Results: The article supports the basic assumption that the human rights are endangered, not only in non- or semi-democratic regimes, but also in the states which are considered to be functional democracies. Society: The article provides insight in one of most overlooked and underestimated concepts in the contemporary political science. It requires people to re-assess the human rights as concept as well as its implementation. Limitations / further research: Article is limited to the argumentation with limited empirical support to the arguments, and it is based on non-neutral assumption that human rights today are ideological concept and not universal category.