Sensors & Transducers (May 2013)

The Research Abort Concept Restructuring of the Sensor Semantic Networks

  • Guanwei

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 152, no. 5
pp. 68 – 75


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A Semantic Sensor Network (SSN) is a sensor network including semantics of sensory data and context information, and relationships between the semantics by using Semantic Web technologies. Even though much research has been activated on SSN, there is little activity on how to restructure concepts in SSN. Research and developments in sensor semantic computing has gained much attention in areas of sensor data mining, sensor semantic, among others. Dealing with large domain concept in this computing environment and its difficulty becomes a difficult task. The idea of concept restructuring is to deal with and reduce the difficulty in dealing with large domain concept and to provide semantics for concept integration, expansion, and update. In this paper, we tackle the task in developing the mechanism to provide the above-mentioned semantics and the framework for processing mechanism integration in concept restructuring using UML-based design. Processing mechanism confirming was conducted to verify towards realizing a workable concept restructuring method.