Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2015)

Internet podstawowym narzędziem innowacyjności przedsiębiorstw i administracji

  • Andrzej Pawlik

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 117


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Nowadays global economy passes through the period of intense modifications that can be characterized with continuing globalization, service economy, technological development, progress in computer science and telecommunication, increasing competition between companies, regions, countries and even people. In the economy where knowledge becomes a crucial factor, used information and communication technology increases its value as well. Those mentioned technologies intensify process of sharing knowledge as the source of knowledge. Information technologies are considered to be the condition of modernity growth and competitiveness of the economy, they also support development of countries’ intellectual potential and citizens’ skills, because they are an instrument of efficient usage of knowledge and information. As an information technologies we understand technology of: gathering, collecting, storing, processing and sharing information through up-to-date technology tools. Such technology is the Internet, which affects the change of communication methods between people, labor and enterprises’ activities. Internet as a new medium of communication creates convenient space for exchange of different messages among business partners. This is also a place where company images and identities are created, marketing activities, selling products and services take place, as well as making payments and establishing contacts with clients. Thesis made in this article states that in years 2014–2020 the Internet will be the basis for innovative businesses and administrations.