Athenea Digital (May 2006)

Durkheim and Saint-Simon: The construction of the ideology of the society of the work and the new paradoxes of the late-moderns societies

  • Durán Vázquez, José Francisco

Journal volume & issue
no. 9
pp. 152 – 167


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The present article must like main objective interrogate itself on the sense that has the present representations of the work in the context of the productive scene of the take-modern societies of market. The analysis that sets out here interprets these representations in relation to the work of Émile Durkheim and Saint-Simon, being two of the main authors who have more contributed to forge the ideological formation of the societies of the work, like an attempt of update of the symbolic structure of these societies, in order that it continues maintaining all its integrating and legitimate load in relation to the new productive and labour realities