To the Question about the Circumstances of Haji Giray’s Coming to Power »

Zolotoordynskoe Obozrenie. 2016;4(3):580-601


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Journal Title: Zolotoordynskoe Obozrenie

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Publisher: State Institution «Sh.Marjani Institute of History of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences»

Society/Institution: Shigabutdin Marjani Institute of History of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan

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A.V. Yakushechkin (Sh.Marjani Institute of History of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences Kazan 420014, Russian Federation)


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Research objectives: Author of this paper has attempted to clarify the circumstances of khan Haji Giray’s ascension to power. Unfortunately, very little information about this event has survived to the present day. Research materials: For this reason, a thorough examination of all available data, its comparative analysis and interpretation acquire great importance. In this work the author attempted to summarize various available sources of information on this topic: data contained in the Treasury books of Caffa of 1441–1442, details of European chroniclers, reports of Oriental authors. An integrated approach to the problem reflects the novelty of this work. The author has not only analyzed the maximum amount of sources at our disposal, but he presented a critical review of historiography as well. A summary of the main results of this work: Extended analysis of the historiography on this issue revealed the erroneous assumptions and arguments that led to the incorrect dates of Haji Giray’s coming to power. Beys elevated Haji Giray on the Crimean throne, first of all, to deal with Sayyd Ahmad. The decision to send ambassadors to Casimir was taken by the Crimean beys soon after the death of Aidar. Ambassadors to Casimir left the Crimea around December 1441 – January 1442. Haji Giray was proclaimed khan no later than March 1442. Immediately after this proclamation, Haji Giray went to the military campaign against Sayyd Ahmad, beyond the Crimea. The company continued, at least, until mid-summer and ended with the victory of Haji Giray. Books of accounts (massariae) of Caffa mention Haji Giray’s brother in May 1442. Apparently, this was Janai (Janai-oglan), well-known by many sources. In addition, the author has found confirmation of the sources’ information about that Devlet-Keldi (an educator or atabeg of Haji Giray’s father, Ghiyas-ud-Din) came to Haji Giray. A detailed study of primary sources – of Massariae Caffae and of the correspondence of Bank of St. George’s protectors with the administration of Caffa – as well as archival research of the Istanbul documentary collections and the study of the corpus of Russian diplomatic documents from the 15th–16th centuries will clarify findings of this paper.