Tourism and Hospitality (Jul 2021)

The Effect of IMC of Golf Product Exhibitions on Customer Behavior and Recommendation Intention

  • Taeyoung Cho,
  • Taesoo Cho,
  • Hao Zhang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 18
pp. 288 – 301


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The aim of this study was to present strategic measures for the sustainability of exhibitions and fairs by examining the relationship between integrated marketing communication (IMC) and the customer behavior and recommendation intentions of the participants who attended golf exhibitions and fairs. To achieve this aim, we conducted a literature review of IMC to formulate a hypothesis; next, we administered a questionnaire to 256 participants at the exhibitions and fairs related to golf equipment. The results show that the two-way communication of the exhibition and fair was positive for the customer’s continuous purchase intention, purchase behavior, and long-term relationship orientation, and the purchase behavior and long-term relationship orientation had a positive effect on the continuous recommendation intention.