Ovidius University Annals: Economic Sciences Series (Jan 2020)

Intercultural Teaching in the ESP Classroom: Case Study Outline

  • Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Gălbează)

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XX, no. 1
pp. 306 – 313


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Working in a fast moving and modern society, centered on key terms such as “globalization” and “interculturality/interculturalism”, is a challenge for many professional categories, especially for the language teachers focusing on proficiency and effectiveness. Since professional development may be influenced by intercultural teaching and learning elements, this paper tackles several theoretical and experimental aspects related to this approach, such as principles, practices and activities. Moreover, it also proposes a study performed in connection with the way in which elements of British and American culture and civilization can be taught to in ESP classes, in an intercultural manner.