Jurnal Sosiologi Agama Indonesia (Dec 2023)

Resiliensi Masyarakat terhadap Bencana Banjir di Kecamatan Pebayuran, Bekasi Jawa Barat

  • Wisnu Wardana,
  • Agung Adiputra

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 3


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The Pebayuran Subdistrict in Bekasi Regency frequently experiences flooding disasters due to the overflow of the downstream Citarum River. This affects 12 villages and 1 urban village. The community suffers losses from these floods, including physical infrastructure damage, loss of assets and property, and impacts on human lives, psychology, and social well-being. This research aims to determine the level of community resilience to flooding disasters in Pebayuran Subdistrict, Bekasi Regency, West Java. It employs a descriptive method based on quantitative data, measuring community resilience indicators in the face of flooding. Data collection involves surveys and interviews with randomly selected samples in the affected areas. The results show varying levels of resilience: knowledge of asset/property protection during floods scores 44 (moderate); disaster-resistant organizational structures score 29 (low); the education sector's commitment to flood knowledge scores 35 (moderate); flood awareness scores 20 (low); flood disaster preparedness scores 34 (moderate); household income sustainability strategies after floods score 45 (moderate); knowledge of first aid during floods scores 38 (moderate); and community disaster risk reduction plans score 41 (moderate). High resilience is noted in Bantarjaya, Bantarsari, and Kertajaya villages, while Karang Haur, Karang Segar, Karangharja, Karangjaya, Karangpatri, Karangreja, Kertasari, Sumber Sari, Sumber Urip, and Sumbereja villages fall into the moderate category. Despite most villages showing moderate to high resilience, overall resilience in Pebayuran Subdistrict remains low due to a lack of early flood warning facilities.