Вестник Московского государственного областного университета: Серия: Русская филология (Feb 2019)


  • Чалов Валерий Павлович

Journal volume & issue
no. 5
pp. 294 – 299


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The memoirs of a post-graduate of Professor N. Kondrashov embody a colorful portrait of a slavist and show him in the circle of departmental concerns and philological discussions of the 1970s and 1980s. The author paid close attention to the linguistic vigilance of the scientist, his enthusiasm for Slavic languages, openness, firm position, human irony, and high qualities of a humanist. Forgotten episodes from the life of the faculty of Russian language and literature of Krupskaya Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institution described. They show the personality of the head of the department. Reliable facts from the biographies of N. Kondrashov’s graduate students are given. It emphasizes the ability of the scientist to apply his linguistic talent in a working environment, to educate in word and deed, his willingness to come to the rescue - to be a real Professor.