Journal of Agricultural Extension (Jun 2009)

Adoption of Improved Rice Varieties among Small- Scale Farmers in Katcha Local Government Area of Niger State, NigeriaA

  • A J Jirgi,
  • M Abdulrahman,
  • F D Ibrahim

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 1


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The study broadly aims at providing information on the adoption of improved rice varieties among small-scale farmers in Katcha Local Government Area of Niger state, Nigeria. The study was conducted in 2007 cropping season. Data were generated from a sample of 100 farmers using questionnaire. Results indicated a high rate of awareness of improved rice varieties. The main sources of information were radio and extension agents. The major reasons for nonadoption of improved rice varieties are that they are expensive and non- availability of the input. The study recommends policies that would strengthen the existing media and extension services. Also, improved rice varieties and other input that could enhance farmers output be made available to the farmer at affordable prices