Water (2021-01-01)

Evaluation of Hydrological Alterations at the Sub-Daily Scale Caused by a Small Hydroelectric Facility

  • Camila C. Braun-Cruz,
  • Hans Mario Tritico,
  • Renato Leandro Beregula,
  • Pierre Girard,
  • Peter Zeilhofer,
  • Letícia de Souza Ribeiro,
  • Ibraim Fantin-Cruz

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 206
p. 206


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This work aims to evaluate the hydrologic changes caused by a small hydropower plant on the watercourse in which it is installed. Since hydrologic research with data of temporal frequencies less than a day is less common than daily measurements, there are few indicators and methodologies capable of treating such records. For this reason, 17 indicators are proposed which describe the magnitude, duration, frequency and rate of changes in hydrologic conditions occurring in a watercourse at a sub-daily frequency. These 17 indicators were used to assess changes in the flow regimes at sub-daily scales across the Itiquira hydroelectric facility in Mato Grosso, Brazil. During the dry season the river was more susceptible to hydroelectric operations than during the wet season. Eighty-eight percent of the proposed indicators were significantly altered during the dry season compared to 71% during the rainy season. In addition to the number of indicators that changed between the seasons, the magnitude of the change was different. During the dry season, 53% of the magnitudes of the proposed indicators were classified as having a high magnitude of change, while in the rainy season only 6% of the indicators were characterized as having a high magnitude of change.