EPJ Web of Conferences (2020-01-01)

Form factors for the Nucleon-to-Roper electromagnetic transition at large-Q2

  • Rodríguez-Quintero José,
  • Binosi Daniele,
  • Chen Chen,
  • Lu Ya,
  • Roberts Craig D.,
  • Segovia Segovia

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 241
p. 02009


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We report on a recent calculation of all Roper-related electromagnetic transtions form factors, cov ering the range of energies that next-to-come planned experiments are expected to map. Direct reliable cal culations were performed, within a Poincaré covariant approach of the three-body bound-state problem, up to Q2/m2N=6; approximated then by applying the Schlessinger point method and the results eventually extended up to Q2/m2N ≃12 via analytic continuation.