Journal of Education, Management and Development Studies (Mar 2023)

ChatGPT and Academic Research: A Review and Recommendations Based on Practical Examples

  • Mizanur Rahman,
  • Harold Jan R Terano,
  • Nafizur Rahman,
  • Aidin Salamzadeh,
  • Saidur Rahaman

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 1


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In the academic world, academicians, researchers, and students have already employed Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT to complete their various academic and non-academic tasks, including essay writing, different formal and informal speech writing, summarising literature, and generating ideas. However, yet, it is a controversial issue to use ChatGPT in academic research. Recently, its impact on academic research and publication has been scrutinized. The fundamental objective of this study is to highlight the application of ChatGPT in academic research by demonstrating a practical example with some recommendations. Data for this study was gathered using published articles, websites, blogs, and visual and numerical artefacts. We have analyzed, synthesized, and described our gathered data using an "introductory literature review." The findings revealed that for the initial idea generation for academic scientific research, ChatGPT could be an effective tool. However, in the case of literature synthesis, citations, problem statements, research gaps, and data analysis, the researchers might encounter some challenges. Therefore, in these cases, researchers must be cautious about using ChatGPT in academic research. Considering the potential applications and consequences of ChatGPT, it is a must for the academic and scientific community to establish the necessary guidelines for the appropriate use of LLMs, especially ChatGPT, in research and publishing.