Land (Jul 2022)

A Typology of Nature-Based Solutions for Sustainable Development: An Analysis of Form, Function, Nomenclature, and Associated Applications

  • Vidya Anderson,
  • William A. Gough

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 7
p. 1072


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This study presents a typology of nature-based solutions (NbS), addressing the need for a standardized source of definitions and nomenclature, and to facilitate communication in this interdisciplinary field of theory and practice. Growing usage of the umbrella phrase ‘nature-based solutions’ has led to a broad inclusion of terms. With the diversity of terminology used, the full potential of NbS may be lost in the confusion of misapplied terms. Standardization and definition of commonly used nature-based nomenclature are necessary to facilitate communication in this rapidly expanding field. Through objective systemization of applications, functions, and benefits, NbS can be embraced as a standard intervention to address societal challenges and support achievement of the UN SDGs.