Antarctic Record (Mar 2003)

Reconnaissance survey for a possible runway at east of Langhovde in 2001 by JARE-42 and 2002 by JARE-43

  • Yoishi Motoyoshi,
  • Yutaka Katsuta

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 47, no. 1
pp. 23 – 31


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Reconnaissance surveys for a possible runway at east of Langhovde were conducted by JARE-42 in 2001 and by JARE-43 in 2002, respectively. JARE-42 tried to access the proposed runway site by way of sea ice from Syowa Station, and established an automatic weather station at the northern Breidvagnipa. JARE-43 flew directly to the site by Shirase helicopters to observe the surface conditions. They also established an automatic weather station. Both surveys have indicated that the proposed runway at east of Langhovde would be capable of handling middle- to large-class aircraft. However, the connection between the runway and Syowa Station is a further problem to be solved.