Acta Clinica Croatica (Jan 2018)

Distribution of Stroke Risk Factors in Eastern Croatia

  • Bibijana Rostohar Bijelić,
  • Marta Petek,
  • Mira Kadojić,
  • Nikola Bijelić,
  • Dragutin Kadojić

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 57., no. 1.
pp. 103 – 109


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The aim of this study was to determine the distribution of risk factors according to age, gender, subtypes and recurrence of stroke in eastern Croatia. The study included 250 acute stroke patients admitted to University Department of Neurology, Osijek University Hospital Centre in 2011. Patients were grouped according to age, gender, subtypes and recurrence of stroke. The study showed significant differences in the distribution of cigarette smoking, diabetes, cardiomyopathy and hyperuricemia according to patient age. According to gender, male patients had a significantly higher prevalence of smoking and alcohol abuse, whereas in female patients the prevalence of arterial hypertension, atrial fibrillation and hyperuricemia was significantly higher. Regarding stroke subtypes, significant differences were noticed in the prevalence of arterial hypertension, atrial fibrillation, cardiomyopathy and cerebral blood vessel stenosis. Atrial fibrillation was significantly more common in first-ever than in recurrent stroke. Study results identified the groups of patients requiring special attention regarding particular risk factors in eastern Croatia and emphasized the need of developing regional strategies of screening, prevention and holistic care for stroke patients.