International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Jul 2020)

Postsynthetic On-Column 2′ Functionalization of RNA by Convenient Versatile Method

  • Olga A. Krasheninina,
  • Veniamin S. Fishman,
  • Alexander A. Lomzov,
  • Alexey V. Ustinov,
  • Alya G. Venyaminova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 21, no. 14
p. 5127


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We report a universal straightforward strategy for the chemical synthesis of modified oligoribonucleotides containing functional groups of different structures at the 2′ position of ribose. The on-column synthetic concept is based on the incorporation of two types of commercial nucleotide phosphoramidites containing orthogonal 2′-O-protecting groups, namely 2′-O-thiomorpholine-carbothioate (TC, as “permanent”) and 2′-O-tert-butyl(dimethyl)silyl (tBDMS, as “temporary”), to RNA during solid-phase synthesis. Subsequently, the support-bound RNA undergoes selective deprotection and follows postsynthetic 2′ functionalization of the naked hydroxyl group. This convenient method to tailor RNA, utilizing the advantages of solid phase approaches, gives an opportunity to introduce site-specifically a wide range of linkers and functional groups. By this strategy, a series of RNAs containing diverse 2′ functionalities were synthesized and studied with respect to their physicochemical properties.