Ovidius University Annals: Economic Sciences Series (Jan 2020)

Exploring the Crowdfunding Revolution: Reaching the Right Goal

  • Georgiana-Loredana Schipor (Frecea)

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XX, no. 1
pp. 1029 – 1036


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The present paper analyzes the potential of crowdfunding as an alternative source for financing the economy, but also the limitations of the process and the current gaps. Structured as a practical guide in the field, the study offers examples of crowdfunding platforms, systemizing the theoretical background of the concept in accordance with the Romanian context. Community financing is still poor understood by the Romanian public, the analysis focusing on a consistent literature review that reach the mechanism and the main typology of the crowdfunding platforms, defining the concept and exploring its novelty. Legal regulations and technological development are also considered in the frame of the Industry 4.0, revealing the advantages of using the Fintech tools for both investors and entrepreneurs. Due to the distributed risks, the crowdfunding platforms make easier the investment effort, while still protecting the rights of the capital-seeking. The next step of this evolutionary process is the integration of the blockchain technology in the crowdfunding system, adding substantial features as: anonymity, decentralization and transparency.