Antarctic Record (Jul 2003)

Determination of deuterium concentration in melted ice samples by the chromium reduction method

  • Hideaki Motoyama,
  • Shinji Morimoto,
  • Okitsugu Watanabe

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 47, no. 2
pp. 101 – 110


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We measured the isotope ratio of hydrogen (δD) in melted ice samples by reduction of the water sample with chromium powder. The reproducibility of the δD measurement is within 1.0‰. The δD of surface snow from coast to inland on the Antarctica ice sheet was measured. The measurement range was from -200‰ to -400‰. The δD of surface snow decreased gradually from coast to inland. Variations of δD agree with δ^O fluctuations. The deuterium excess in the coastal region was small, less than 10‰. We established the method of determining δD in melted ice samples, which can be used to investigate the global environment system.