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The eradication of feral goats and its impact on plant biodiversity - a milestone in the history of Trindade Island, Brazil

  • Nílber G. da Silva,
  • Ruy J. V. Alves

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 62, no. 3
pp. 717 – 719


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Abstract The recent signs of recovery of the native and endemic flora of Trindade Island, Brazil, are attributed to the eradication of vertebrates which were introduced on the 18th Century. Three centuries of devastation lead to the disappearance of endemic plant species and to a drastic reduction of vegetation cover and sea bird populations. In 2005 the Brazilian Navy concluded the eradication of feral goats, resulting in the early expansion of vegetation cover on previously barren areas. The only remaining invasive vertebrates are the house mice. This fact represents a milestone in the natural history of Trindade and shall encourage new conservation research on the Island.