Bìznes Inform (May 2018)

The Strategic Management of Energy Companies

  • Ponomarev Stanislav V.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 484
pp. 427 – 434


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The article indicates the status and prospects of development of electric power industry of Ukraine. The necessity of application of strategic management instruments in the activity of power supply companies and power transport companies is substantiated. The results of use of methods of strategic segmentation of activity of a power supply company (regional power distribution company) are presented. Analyzing the external environment together with obtaining of reasoned conclusions as to future threats and opportunities is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the formulation of successful business and corporate strategies. The analysis of an external environment should necessarily correspond with an analysis of internal environment, and the whole strategy should be directed towards achievement of the set goals which, in turn, should provide materialization of the company’s mission.