Island Studies Journal (May 2016)

Beyond the island of metrics: An addendum to Stratford’s ten years of Island Studies Journal

  • Joshua Nash

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 1
pp. 285 – 290


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Stratford’s (2015) consideration of the impact of a decade of Island Studies Journal concentrates primarily on bibliometrics, journal citation, and on issues crucial to career oriented scholars. This addendum considers Stratford’s position in light of two further issues of significance to island studies and Island Studies Journal: the use of technology and non-professional (university student) citation as an indicator of a(ny) journal’s impact. It suggests that professional citation is but one means to assess the impact of a journal. There are several qualitatively assessable measures of success and performance available to career oriented academics and journal editors. Such yardsticks lie at the heart of a more personal interpretation of the purpose of island studies.