A Survey on Potential of the Support Vector Machines in Solving Classification and Regression Problems

Informatică economică. 2010;14(3):128-139


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Journal Title: Informatică economică

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Luminita STATE
Catalina COCIANU


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Kernel methods and support vector machines have become the most popular learning from examples paradigms. Several areas of application research make use of SVM approaches as for instance hand written character recognition, text categorization, face detection, pharmaceutical data analysis and drug design. Also, adapted SVM’s have been proposed for time series forecasting and in computational neuroscience as a tool for detection of symmetry when eye movement is connected with attention and visual perception. The aim of the paper is to investigate the potential of SVM’s in solving classification and regression tasks as well as to analyze the computational complexity corresponding to different methodologies aiming to solve a series of afferent arising sub-problems.