Antarctic Record (Aug 1984)

A newly-developed system for countinuous measurements of atmospheric CO2 concentration at Syowa Station, Antarctica

  • Masayuki Tanaka,
  • Takakiyo Nakazawa,
  • Masataka Shiobara,
  • Hiroyuki Ohshima,
  • Sadao Kawaguchi,
  • Takashi Yamanouchi

Journal volume & issue
no. 82
pp. 1 – 11


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A new apparatus for in situ continuous measurements of atmospheric CO_2 concentration at Syowa Station, Antarctica was developed using a non-dispersive infrared CO_2 analyzer with a precision better than ±0.01ppm. Standard gases employed were CO_2 in air mixtures and their concentrations were determined against special gases with absolute accuracies around ±0.1ppm, which were prepared gravimetrically using an extremely precise balance.