Three New Unusual Beetle-Associated Species of the Genus Gaeolaelaps (Acari, Mesostigmata, Laelapidae) from Ukraine

Vestnik Zoologii. 2016;50(1):3-16 DOI 10.1515/vzoo-2016-0001


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Journal Title: Vestnik Zoologii

ISSN: 2073-2333 (Online)

Publisher: Sciendo

Society/Institution: Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

LCC Subject Category: Science: Zoology

Country of publisher: Poland

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Trach V. A. (I. I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, Shampanskij al., 2, Odessa, 65058 Ukraine)


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Three new species of mesostigmatic mites from Ukraine are described: Gaeolaelaps heteroceri Trach, sp. n. associated with Heterocerus sp. (Coleoptera, Heteroceridae) from Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson Regions; G. khaustovi Trach, sp. n., associated with Bembidion sp. (Coleoptera, Carabidae) from Crimea; G. sevastianovi Trach, sp. n. associated with Heterocerus sp. (Coleoptera, Heteroceridae) from Lugansk Region. These three species are characterised by a number of unique characters: very short peritremes and peritrematal shields, elongated dorsal shield, abnormal for Laelapidae leg chaetotaxy. A key to the species of Gaeolaelaps with extra short peritremes is presented.