Folklor/Edebiyat (2021-02-01)

The Evaluation of Literary Places in Turkey in the Context of “Modern Museology” / Türkiye’deki Edebi Mekânların “Modern Müzecilik” Bağlamında Değerlendirilmesi

  • Samet Çevik

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 27, no. 105
pp. 135 – 150


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Literary places, which are the significant constituent of literary tourism, also come into prominence as an element of cultural heritage. These places constitute important literary and cultural heritage values of the countries either because they are the place where the author spends part of her/his life or because it contains the author’s personal effects. While literary places, should be managed in line with the function of preserving these cultural heritage values and sustaining them to the future generations, it is also expected to be managed with an understanding that adapts to the changing expectations of the society by keeping up-to-date with the developing contemporary technologies. The aim of this study is to evaluate the practices of literary places in the context of “modern museology”. The population of the research consisted of literary places serving as a museum in Turkey. Seven literary places (NecatiCumalı Memorial and Culture House, Namık Kemal House, Sait Faik Abasıyanık Museum, Orhan Kemal Museum, Aşiyan Museum, Yahya Kemal Museum, Rıfat Ilgaz Culture and Art House) were included in the study. Between 2017 and 2018, data on modern museum practices were gathered through interviews and observations from these literary places. The practices of literary places are evaluated in terms of “presentation and expression techniques”, “education”, “conservation and restoration”, “research, communication and events”, “marketing, promotion and social media”, which are essential elements of modern museology. The data obtained shows that there are efforts made to bring literary places up-to-date, to integrate with society, and to raise awareness about museums, but there are various obstacles in this way